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    1938 Brehmer Kreissieger Award

    This is my 1938 Brehmer Kreissieger award. This was my first non-diamond addition to my Hitler Youth collection and without a doubt one of my favorites. I happened to get this one in a trade a couple years back. I don't see these much in person these days, so I'm not sure how the condition compares to the average award out there? I appreciate any feedback ya'll have.

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    based on the pics the badge is an original Brehmer in fair condition. Cracks in the diamond enamel are fairly typical on these.

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    Do you happen to know what the typical market value are for these awards? I see them come up every so often but no one ever really has a concrete figure for them.

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    I would think somewhere in the 150-200US range is possible. There are lots of Kreissieger badges around.

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    That makes sense, I've seen many going for that kind of money. Thank you!

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