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    1938 Gausieger badge by Brehmer. Opinions wanted .

    I picked up this Gausieger 38 , I am not a badge expert and am asking for more knowledgeable opinions .

    Thank you .

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    Hi Joecool

    I have a similar original badge, and yours look just like mine, so I wil say that yours also is an original badge.


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    i would like to get 2 or 3 opinions on this badge ...anyone else , please give your feedback.

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    It looks okay Joe. Not in the best of conditions though and the enamel on the diamond looks strange. Possibly repaired?

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    Hi Joe,

    Sorry for the delay in my answer. It looks original for me, but there is something weird about the diamond. The price was quite good, but the seller is a dangerous one. He is selling in Ebay things from the "Spanish Blue Division", but they were made after 1975 (they have the crown from King Juan Carlos I).

    Still, if everything went great for you, I am happy to know. As I said, it doesnt look bad at all, only the diamond...



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    Hi Joe

    Now I have taken 3 pics og my badge, should have done it in the first time, but better late than never.

    I hope that the quality of the pics is good enough so you can compare with your own badge.

    I have taken a closeup of the diamond, because of the questions about it.

    HJ8 001.JPGHJ8 002.JPGHJ8 003.JPG

    I hope that the picxs can help you.


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