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Thread: 2 new additions

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    2 new additions

    hi guys

    heres 2 i recently picked up first up is a lovely 1938 gausieger, the 38's are harder to get than the 39's so been looking for a nice one for awhile

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    and just like normal once i had this after awhile looking i found an even better cased example, the pics dont do this one justice its as close to mint as you will get, even has the winners name on the back of the amazing condition box, anyone want to guess at what it is ????
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    Very very nice Stu. Great additions

    I would say Erwin Schmidt for the name

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    Very nice Stu. Your collection of these items is becoming great. Well done.

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    Erwin Schmidt

    Even so Erwin Schmidt is a quite common German name, and it might not have belonged to this Erwin Schmidt, there is a nice HJ picture and a great but sad story to the name if you look it up at Google Bilder (images) Germany.

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    As usual, amazing, just amazing.

    congratulation Stu, what a collection you have.

    You are a great inspiration.



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    Stu, two stunning examples of the most beautiful of

    Just lovely


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    well done stu beautiful

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