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    Berufswettkampf badge collection - updated pic

    hi all

    had a bit of time today so decided to take an updated pic of my sieger badges and docs, the 2 at the back are the ones awarded with the docs

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    WOW!! What a collection. Strongest set of these badges I've seen in one place. Damn fine job Stu, the words investment grade collection come to mind when viewing your group of these.

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    very nice stu ,

    Glad to see you got the back two ...


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    Amazing and brilliant.

    These badges are just really beautiful.

    just a couple of questions:

    Are the documents really difficult to get?

    What is the normal size of these badges?

    Thanks in advance.



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    I can only dream of a collection like that!

    That is real "eye candy" :cool:

    Well done Stuart !


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    thanks guys ,
    antonio as for size cant say i have ever measured one but i will when i get chance , all grades are the same size just diff colour , kreiss bronze,gau silver,reich gold, the docs can be picked up but there are a lot of blank ones going about that seem to be not period filled in, the 2 i have at the back came with the badges plus other items linking the guy to the games, so that was a really nice find, the reich docs are the best they are just amazing but very very expensive if you can find one

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