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    COMMENTS on this 1944 Gausieger please

    might buy this late 1944 version but wish some opinions

    THANKS Paul

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    keep your cash paul its a fake

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    I know these late war painted versions exist can you please tell me the red flages on this one for me and all to note. I was suspect of the ball type pin and hook for one but please elaborate


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    pm sent paul

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    There is some debate on this particular type of the 44. Some say it's a fake, some will say it's a 'variation'. I personally would go for the former option because I can't believe that such a small run of badges would have allowed the wide variation in quality between this badge and Stu's for example. There is a huge difference in the quality - too big a difference for me personally and I would always go with Stu's type.

    It would be great to see some period evidence which speaks either for or against the badge posted by Paul so that we can put it to bed once and for all.

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    THANKS for the PM Stu appreciate your concern for not posting many details online


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    hi paul
    i know we are all here for the same reasons and some of us have more knowledge than others in certain areas and we all want to learn but unfortunetly there are also a lot of fakers etc that look through these sites for tips and due to this i am allways worried about giving detailed reasons as to why its a fake on an open forum as the last thing i want is to help the fakers get better

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    YUP AGREE COMPLETELY ,In some cases better to PM known members with the facts . Got shot down earlier for this . I do think giving some info on the obvious red flag(s}should be given in all occasions though


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    How about this one? For sale at a well known dealer with good reputation (for about 340 euro)
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    first of all you are showing 2 diff backs here, the one if from hiscoll but the other back is from weitze so dont know why you have done this???
    as for the badge from hiscoll its hard to tell due to the extreme wear to the front and tthe pics not being the best but from what i see i think its a good one, cant comment on the weitze one as i havent seen the front

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