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    kreissieger THAM

    I'm new to collecting HJ militaria.I want to buy a nice kreissieger badge.I just have a question,is the makers mark for Tham always cast or sometimes engraved ?I ask this,because I saw a nice one on a dealers site,but looks like it was engraved rather than cast.
    Thanks Cardon

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    engraved is not good but post pics as it might just be a bad pic making it look this way, we have plenty of people here who can help with these badges

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    Hello Stu,
    I did make a mistake,it's cast.It was just bad lighting of the pic.When I darkened it a little bit,it was clear it's inscription is cast.
    Thanks for the info,if I should buy it I'll post a pic on the forum.
    Greets cardon

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    Hello guys,
    Finally bought the kreissieger,I'm very happy with it,it's my first.THese badges are absolutely beautiful !!
    Greets cardon
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    Nice one, but sorry to tell you that they are like the Pringles Crisps, "once you pop, you can not stop". They are addictive!!




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    Hello Antonio,
    I know,I've got an 1938 kreissieger and a 1944 gaussieger on layaway.I wish they where as cheap as Pringles chrisps.
    But these are lovely badges,now I know why they are so popular.
    thanks for the comment
    greets cardon

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    more competition lol

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