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    Only comment from me is ...WHY ? why havent I ever seen something like this before in my over 38 years of collecting this stuff .

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    So that every time you wanted to see what time it was, you would be reminded that you were once, a Kreissieger! Just buy the description;
    RARE ORIGINAL 1938 AWARD and dont think too hard about the Why`s....

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    Dont worry if you miss this one Joe, there are more, in Russia. The clue might just be the makers details? Ha ha ha ha ha....
    LINK 1
    LINK 2
    May i suggest that if you did go for one, also pick up a neat SS watch, or one that says HEIL ADOLPH to complement it :-)
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    i know its hard to tell from the pics but the badge itself looks like a good one, probably someone had the idea to put an original kreissieger in a watch to try and add value to it, ive got a watch to a reichssieger but thats just engraved none of this set badge nonsense

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    Suerly it`s printed? a badge would never fit inside the watch, unless you belt-sanded it down so that it was wafer thin :-)

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    dont know, from the first pic the badge looks raised above the numbers, and doesnt look flat, but like i said not the best pics

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    It`s a transfer print, and a terrible job at that too :-) pathetic really...
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    Quote Originally Posted by (posted on the website)
    "The head of teh German Labor Front (DAF), Dr. Robert Ley instituted an annual trade competition among Germany's youth to filter out the future elite of Germany's workforce."
    Well, it was actually Artur Axmann's idea and was a "joint venture" between the DAF and the HJ.

    It was instituted to "filter out the future elite of Germany's workforce"?? In a socialist state? Absolute tosh. That wasn't the point of the RBWK at all but I guess it sounds good when you're trying to sell something,,,

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