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    Kriessieger enamel

    I noticed this badge for sale and the fact that it has lost its enamel. Can it fall out, or would someone have dug it out for some stupid reason?
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    I would rather pay extra for one in collectable condition,180 is a little high,but what the hell do I know.

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    Agreed, wait for one in better condition


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    the diamonds in these are very prone to damage a very high percentage of the ones you see for sale will have some sort of damage to the enamel normally the tip, what i think has happened here is that the enamel was badly damaged so someone has removed it all thinking it would look better without any enamel than having it looking damged,

    they where wrong

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    Yeah if that's what happened then it's a dumb move. Rather see some there than none.

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    It's a pity the "restoration or clean up" that some folks do to original badges, daggers, etc.

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    seems like a deal but damaged good are never a bargain especially when you can find many good examples of this one. Unfortunately there is no known restoration for this enamel process either

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