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    Reichskampf 1938 Hamburg - Reichsberufswettkampf

    as this area is for anything to do with these comps i thought id show you this pic i just picked up, what i relly like about this is not that all the kids are wearing the 1938 kreissieger badges that they have won but they are also wearing the 1938 participents badge, have never seen one in a pic before

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    heres a better pic of the participents badge for you to see
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    :eek: never saw one of those before Stu.I like it very much.Are these hard to come by??

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    hi pat
    theres actully 5 in total the first 2 1934 and 1935 are easy to find the final three 37,38 and 39 a lot harder heres are the others, as far as im aware there was not one for the 44 games, im not sure about 1936 dont think there was one but havent a clue why anyone have any ideas

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    Ow man great Stu thanks a lot for the info learned again today.My favorite would be the last one shown with the feldherrnhalle showing

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    Great to see such a grouping of these most desired badges, well done Stu.

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    I do not have any of these badges , very nice and thank you for posting.

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    I've recently located the 37', 38', and 39' participants badges, as pictured above. Before I commit to purchase, what would be a value range for each?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Doug, study the ones that Stu posted carefully, there are some pretty good fakes out there. Stu will know what a reasonable price is. His collection of these badges is one of the strongest I have seen. Wietze has several examples of Sieger badges on his site, look at some of his prices which are often on the higher end and that can give you some idea as well.

    Admin Edit: pictures of a badge currently on offer at Weitze added

    kampf1.jpg kampf2.jpg
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    These Badges are just amazing (and too expensive for me).

    I can not stop looking at them so. Thanks for the picture and thanks Stu (as usual) for posting part of your collection.

    If we got many pics together, we can make the best HJ collectors book ever written.



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