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    Question Type 1 Hitler Youth Reichssieger Berufswettkampf 1936 badge for opinion


    I would like your opinion on this badge (1936 Type 1 Reichssieger). I have no photo of the back. How do you find the enamel and the
    ? It seems to me more thick than it should.


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    A total flop, a fake Laurie.

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    dont see many of these about real or fake to be honest, but looking at the one you show then it has so many things diff to garrys that its bad, the enamel and swas are all wrong

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    Stu, we talked about this badge at the beginning of last year, here.

    here is the badge from that thread, that was destroyed by the dealer, and the badge on this post side by side.


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    Many thanks to you. I hadn't seen these previous posts. I will cancel the sale, the year 2014 begins well ! looooool !

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    LOL, yes it begins well, even think about buying a rare badge, you really need both ob & reverse images.... in this case not even because we have the reverse images from the old post, which is the same badge.

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    For sure an error. I believed in God !


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    LOL... very funny.

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    yeh i remembr it now jo, as i said then they are seldom seen original or fake ,i have only seen 1 original and 2-3 fakes in the last 3 years, the original being garry's, but the fakes i have seen all have this fat swas on them or very poor enameling

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    True, and true of others too, like the Landessieger....

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