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    What do you think of this 1944 Gausieger?

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    looks nice, don't know if original....

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    its a fake sorry, there are some really good fakes of these around this one is the most popular

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    This is the version of the 44 which routinely gets the thumbs-down. To date I haven't seen a concrete reason given for why but the only people who seem to think it's good are the dealers. Even then, they tend to offer it at around two thirds of the price of the accepted version - almost like they don't believe in the badges themselves..

    I think the problem is that the accepted version just has a much finer and more polished, quality look and feel to it. The version you Picture Steve looks and feels kind of crappy when you've had both types of the badge in hand.

    As I said though, I haven't yet heard a compelling argument against the version you show but most collectors will go for the other one.

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    thanks guys that all i need to know

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