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    Adolf Hitler Schule (AHS) HJ Leader's sidecap

    Well, that's certainly what Butschek has as a description. "AHS" because it came with a coat that has an AHS stamp and "leader" because of the context. However, what is the sidecap really? That gold coloured silk is wierd. What do you guys think?


    The only Sommermütze I know of with golden yellow ident is the Marine-HJ Sommermütze described HERE but that was braid and not silk.

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    I don't like the cap for the following reasons:

    The yellow/gold stripe as garry daid is weird, on period they did replaced things, but then why not use a silver/gold cord instead of that ugly thing?

    The RZM tag is in very poor condition but the sweatband keeps even the ink stamp number what is a thing what is easily lost by sweating.

    The HJ diamond its sewn with a lack of accuracy, doesn't look quality made.

    I wouldn't bid for this one one by the originality doubts and second because it is ugly.

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    Normally AHS items will have a property stamp as the items were issued items and not purchased. I would hold out for an example that does not need an explanation personally. Also as said it is just not an attractive cap IMO.

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    agree with all the above, the first thing that drew my eye was the poor quality of the HJ diamond sewed on by a butcher.

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    The cap looks home made ... or late war . How much is he asking for it ? what ever it is ...please dont buy it . You can find a nice good unquestionable cap with an Rzm tag still for under 300 dollars .

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