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    Another "HJ CAP"

    Here's a cap listed as an "HJ winter cap" from same dealer where I got the so called "Lubben MHJ cap.
    I've only been at this couple of year and only been burned once so far.. but you'd
    think dealers would know better.

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    No. Odd cap. Civilian or something with added insignia. The price is insane as well. 475 GBP? Maybe for a "textbook" RZM cap from an NPEA or AHS but not for this oddity. I would put value of this cap at around 40 GBP maximum for the insignia alone. Cap is worth nothing IMO. Dealers sometimes know better, sometimes they do not. There are good sellers in the hobby, there are sellers that actually believe bad items are good, and sellers that just sell whatever they can good or bad based on a slick website and a reputation. Good items rarely last on dealer sites if priced right. If an item has been sitting it's generally overpriced or bad.

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    The Ruptured Duck militaria site had an excellent condition HJ Wintermutze with the rzm tag and an AHS stamp inside sold for $900 a few years back.

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    Yes, I sent Bill Shea an email. The big MAX militaria show is coming up. in October. Hoping he can find me one.

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