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    The black cap as shown is most likely for the Motor-HJ. During the war (1940)
    a black cap without any piping was introduced anyway for this special force, to
    be worn instead of the brown version.
    Studentenbund black caps do have no crown piping, as fas as is known to me.
    Just a piping along the edge for the flap.

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    Thanks for your help, I really appreciate your comments. So it would be Motor HJ, great

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    I think this is the model I am trying to identify:
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    Here is a black "Motor HJ" cap listed at the Collectors Guild. This cap has piping and the sleeve badge appears to be sewn to the side of the cap.
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    Yes, as Wim already mentioned, a black cap was introduced for the Motor-HJ driver uniform (summer). Here's an excerpt from the clothing regulations. It says:

    ".....headwear is a black cap in the style of the summer cap but without piping..."


    Edit: see HERE also for a related discussion of this type of cap

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    a) According to the "Mitteilungsblatt der RZM" from July 13, 1940 it was noted with page 74
    that the regular summer-cap (lighter brown) with pink piping for motor-units was not manufactured anymore.
    It was allowed to sell stocks until December 31, 1940;
    b) according to the "Mitteilungsblatt der RZM" from September 14, 1940 it was noted with page
    93 that the summer cap for motor-HJ was to be as as the cap for the general HJ, but in black, but WITHOUT
    any piping;
    c) according to the "Mitteilungsblatt der RZM" from February 20, 1943 it was noted with page 7
    that the black summer-cap for motor-HJ was not allowed to be manufactured anymore with an immediate entry.
    The note from September 14, 1941 was no longer valid (für ungültig erklärt)!

    The shown black cap with pink piping so is not according to regulations, but who knows some manufacturer had
    misunderstood the (manufacturing) RZM-regulation. The use of the motor-patch upon the cap was not allowed at
    all. Never!!

    The shown photograph with post 13 so must be dated from early 1941 through early 1943, when taken into account
    what is said in the regulations. Normally......
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    Thank you all for this excellent source of information. All I wanted to know is here
    Maybe a picture of a non regulation cap in the style of the one at Collectors Guild :
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