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    Deutsches Jungvolk leaders cap?

    hi guys

    this has been offered to me, now im okay with certain caps but these things i know very little about so i thought i would ask my fellow members for some thoughts

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    one more for luck:tongue_smilie:
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    Hi stu, not seen many myself but would expext to see a buckle on a textbook example and a political eagle to the front not a diamond, JMO . id take a little time on this one, perhaps some more experinced members will reply with some observations of there own. pete.

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    Bit of an oddity this one. There were cases of DJ leaders having their own caps made or indeed simply altering a HJ winter cap by having the silver cord added and regulations were eventually issued to prevent any further occurrences of this. The correct DJ leader cap was made of a finer material and was also stiffened. The cap shown could be contemporary but even if it is it isn't correct so with that and the other info in mind I would probably steer clear of this one Stu.

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    i think ill leave this one alone too mnay issues lol
    thnaks guys

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    I don't get good vibes from this cap. It looks like a postwar cap pimped as a HJ leader.
    I would let it go, if i was you.

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    the material weave does not appear to be war time and there is a lack of quality expected of this cap as shown by the reverse stitching

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    An original textbook factory manfactured Jungvolk Leaders cap will cost you around 1,800 euros .

    A humped up DJ Leaders cap with added piping and a cap eagle will cost you about 700 euro .

    This cap was problibly manfactured in the mid 1950s .

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    I was watching again this thread and i cannot but confirm my initial feelings: the overall quality is very low and the silver piping does not look like german ww2.It's bad.

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