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    Flakhelfer and the Helmet M35 Luftwaffe

    Hi All,

    I know that the HJ wore every type of helmet. But, do you have any records or pictures of HJ Flakhelfer wearing the M35 Helmet from the Luftwaffe?

    Was normally the M40 in Wear?

    Thanks in advance



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    NOT an area to pin down most fire personel wore the m35 models and many flak helper wore the gladiator style or what was available would be the best bet just watch out for the decal ones

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    What ever was available at the time the " ALARM" went off . I have seen pictures of flakhelpers wearing standard HJ flak helper blouses with M40 stahlhelms , to boys just wearing sports shorts with M42 stahlhelms on .

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    yup anything goes here

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    Thanks Guys. More or less I knew about that. I am just trying to get some Photograph proof that they actually wore them.

    It is just a plan that I have in mind and need to know about that.

    Thanks for your help.



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    I do not collect photos my friend but know there is plenty of evidence of wear out there and perhaps we will get some listed here for you

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    This may help with what you're looking for:


    The caption reads "Luftwaffenhelfer Im Sommer 1944 an einer Vierlingsflak auf der Kongresshalle"

    This came as one of many pictures in a packet I bought from the Documentation Center, located at the Reichparteitagsgelände.


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    Excelent Picture, for sure a really nice one. I believe the Air vents looks like being part of the HElmet, so looks more M40 als M35.

    Anyway, THANKS!!!!!!! So far most of the pics I have seen are from M40/M42 with one Decal. Just looking for a M35 with doble Decal.




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    The guys on the right look like they have M42's (sharper edge at bottom of helmet) but the guy on the left (with the scratched out National Shield) it's harder to tell. Either way, it is a cool pic.

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    Hi all,

    one of my future projects is to put together. hopefully, a flakhelfer uniform. Step by step and no hurry. Over the headwear, the M43 Mütze could be the most typical one, but also it is difficult to buy a good one because the amount of fakes.

    Also, a helmet looks always impressive. The best option could be a one decal M40 or 42, therebis a huge amount of fotos with these helmets. The problem is the price. A gladiator is also a cheaper alternative, but more used by Luftschutz members than Flakhelfer, i havent seen yet a flakhelfer with this type of helmet.

    And a great option that i have know is a M35 double decal for 330 Euros, that belongs to a friend. The only problem is that I havent seen this type in Flakhelfer in wear. Ive looked for fotographic probes to find none.

    So, what would you recommend me? get a m43 or save for a m40?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards


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