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    Looks like I didn't get back to this thread at the time. The cap in post #1 looks, I agree, like a dyed HJ/DJ summer cap. Why that was done is a mystery to me. That's an interesting photo halle. The cap only has one cord so it's not like the one Lauri shows but interesting none the less.

    I just had another look through the regulations to see whether the cap Lauri shows in post #4 is mentioned in that configuration because those silver cords are still bugging me but I don't see any changes to the DJ "Schiffchen" until the 30th of July 1937 when it was discontinued. There is no mention of the addition of silver cord for this cap. The only headwear that had this cord was the DJ-Führermütze introduced in 1936 but as we know, that cap had a similar appearance to the peaked winter cap (Wintermütze / Schimütze). Could it be the case that some leaders added the cord to the DJ-Schiffchen as an interim measure until they bought the regulation DJ leaders' cap? I think all we can do is speculate on that until some written or pictorial evidence turns up.

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    Perhaps the first cap was dyed to be used as a Motor HJ cap. One could speculate that the member dyed the entire cap, piping and all black. Perhaps the piping took a darker tone than the cap material in the process. Just a guess.

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