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    Hitler Youth cap (HJ-Dienstmütze) opinions?

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    Hello Kenneth,

    Try to get more pictures, better quality. This will help us to give you opinions about this visor cap.

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    don't worry, the early HJ " Schirmmütze " were not all identical and the variety of visors too. I like it!
    The manufacturers made what they wanted and they did not always scrupulously respect the regulation and instructions of the party.
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    Ok thanks alot for the replies, could someone recommend a book regarding HJ headgear with good details etc.



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    Hi Kenneth,

    In this configuration with brown leather chinstrap, cloth over the peak, blue cord and the political eagle it is a pre-Nov 1936* Oberbann 4 HJ-Dienstmütze for someone in the rank of Kameradschaftsführer, Scharführer, Gefolgschaftsführer or Unterbannführer. The light-blue cord may alternatively identify this as a cap worn by a member of a Flugsportschar (Flieger-HJ) because that colour became associated with the Flieger-HJ from April 1936.

    *In 1934, the technical HJ units (Motorsportscharen, Lufsportscharen, drivers) began to wear these caps without the khaki material on the peak and from Nov 1936 this was extended to all members irrespective of their specialist affiliation. These later caps all had black leather chinstraps where previously that colour had been reserved for the higher leader version.

    The period manufacturing regulations show that the HJ-Dienstmütze had, as you say, one seam running around the front of the peak. However, as Eric says, there was variation in the early period until standardisation took full hold and this may explain what you see on your cap. If you have any specific questions about aspects of the cap construction just ask away and we'll do our best to answer them.

    Could you show close-ups of the HJ diamond and the eagle please?

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    Hallo, this is a visor i saw at a fair in Kassel Germany, i was looking to purchase it, but was in doubt due to the dual stitching, I got his contact info and still have the oppotunity to purchase it, but wanted to ask the question in here about the stitching before i went ahead. He claims the HJ rune is a replacement buy the eagle is original. At this time i do not have further photos of it.



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    Yes, the HJ diamond looks dodgy on the photos in post #1 which is why I asked about close-ups.

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