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    HJ/DJ Sommermuetze

    This looks like a standard HJ (from 1937 also DJ) summer cap. Going on what I can see in the pictures I would agree that it had a cloth eagle attached at some point. To offer a logical explanation for that:

    Amtliches Nachrichtenblatt Sonderdruck 7/38 dated 30.9.1938 states that the summer cap with cloth eagle was worn by those with no rank and by those in the the lower HJ leadership. However, I see a note in the regulations (appears to be from 1939) stating that only leaders wore the cloth eagle (rank range: HJ-Rottenführer (DJ-Hordenführer) to HJ-Oberscharführer (DJ-Oberjungzugführer). This lends weight to the idea that boys with no rank who were wearing summer caps in compliance with the Sept 1938 regulation would have had to unpick the cloth eagle less than a year later after the eagles became an item worn only by those with rank.

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    Thanks for all the info!

    I took the pin off my cap and photographed the front and back.

    Here some pics
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    Good one Karl Hensler, Pforzheim M1/6

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    Nice one !

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