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    HJ Sommermütze

    Here's one of my new additions .... HJ summer hat with label ..... ..... Looking forward to your opinions on the play ..... the small patch with the words .... Saulgau school building ... . I found this in the following www ....
    German boarding schools

    German boarding schools in Wuerttemberg
    The following schools have been transformed into German boarding schools:

    First The existing building Württemberg schools:

    Künzelsau: "German home school Künzelsau build school for boys"
    Markgröningen: "German home school Markgröningen, building schools for girls"
    Maulbronn: "German home school Maulbronn, building school for boys"
    Nagold: "German home school Nagold, building school for boys"
    Nürtingen: "German home Nürtingen, building school for boys"
    Saulgau: "German home school Saulgau, building school for boys"
    Schwäbisch Gmünd: "German home school Schwäbisch Gmünd, building schools for girls"

    Second The previous home Württemberg schools:

    Blaubeuren, "German home school Blaubeuren, high school for boys"
    Schöntal: "German Schöntal home school, secondary school for boys"
    Urach: "German Urach home school, secondary school for boys"

    State Archives in Ludwigsburg acts of the German Home School Schöntal, Blaubeuren, Künzelsau Unable to Maulbronn and Nürtingen be archived.

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    Sometimes you see an interesting piece like this one
    and you know right away this 100% original.
    (Even though this is not my area of collecting.)
    Very nice find! Great information added also.
    Thank you for sharing.

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    You outbid me on this one Walhall.

    Good score .

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    Hey Sorry Joe......but the Price was ok!!!!
    mfg Brian

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    Hello Walhall,

    late reaction, but the tag is super.
    Saulgau was indeed one of such schools, and was a part for the "Deutsche Heimschulen"-organization.
    They were instuted in the fall of 1941 on orders of Hitler. The ones you mention are all from the state
    of Württemberg, but in May 1942 a list was published in the "Verordnunsgblatt des Reichsarbeitsdienst"
    with all existing schools from all over Germany and those that were assigned to the Deutsche Heimschulen".
    Direct "DH" were about 28 for boys and 5 for girls; assigned to the "Inspektion der Deutsche Heimschulen" were
    30 for boys and 15 for girls. This is the stand of mid-1942. It is known that later some others were added.

    At WAF one of these days a BDM Kletterjacke was shown with the triangle for Württemberg, to be sold at an auction.
    It went for $ 725,- it was said. The jacket had the cuffband "Aufbauschule Schwäb. Gmünd". Together it is super rare!
    I know the existance of more such cuffbands as for example Saulgau, Nagold. Maybe I can find them in my files.
    In my "Handbook" there is a photograph on page 20 where a boy is wearing the cuffband "Aufbauschule Xanten", one
    of the schools that was later added.


    A friend of mine owns the Nagold-cuffband. I will ask if he is willing to send a photograph for use at the forum. I
    will ask around also with others. If I have time (in about a few weeks) I then will make a new thread with all names
    of the known institutions and where exactly they were located and what type of school they were. For example at
    Prussia existed Drossen in Kreis Westernberg (Mark Brandenburg). It was a Staatliche Oberschule for boys and became
    a Oberschule in Aufbauform. I do not have any idea as for all of such institutions cuffbands or special insignia were
    created, but of so then they all must be rare, as in fifty years I have only seen six or seven, anyway less then 10!!

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    Hi Wim,

    Would you be happy to post a scan of that list? I only have the announcement that the schools were to be introduced (Runderlass 24.8.1941)

    Here's a thread showing a 'Deutsche Heimschulen'
    . Have you come across one of them before?

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    Hello Garry,

    I must have a look where I have the mentioned list. It is stocked in a box with all
    material as I have done vol.5 for the headgear-series,
    which is released last June. Early next week I will see to locate it and scan whatever information is given in May 1942. I will find it!

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    Excellent Thanks Wim!

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    For the list with Deutsche Heimschulen I created a new thread here:
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    A nice Aufbauschule Schwäb. Gmünd cuff title.
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