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    HJ winter cap with a leather edge around the visor?

    Any opinions as to this cap? What is with the leather edge on visor? The Guild sold a HJ grouping with one similar.
    Were there private purchase HJ caps? It is presented with original paper label of maker.Here again I think its a civilian cap with the HJ pin.

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    Civilian cap, not a good one.

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    All these dealers out there are selling ski caps with HJ pins.

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    Yes, this is very common

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallschirmjager View Post
    All these dealers out there are selling ski caps with HJ pins.
    Correct. Many many non HJ caps embellished with membership pins and sold as "HJ Mutze, Bodenfund!" Do not believe the seller hype. There are many examples of regulation HJ Wintermutze on the forum. Stick with these, the rest are suspect at best, and fakes are common. The Collectors Guild is not above reproach by any means, they have had a fake Landdienst cuff title on the site for years now offered as genuine.

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    Yes! Seems too obvious to me now. My question remains is there such a thing as private purchase HJ caps within RZM regulations...for DJ leaders, older kids etc.?

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    No, not in the sense that they could buy something that was similar to the RZM regulation item to wear whilst in uniform. It had to be the regulation item. Companies that produced items for sale to the Hitler Youth but who did not have an RZM licence could face penalties. It was all strictly controlled. The regulations show that the Hitler Youth and DJ wore the normal winter cap whilst skiing. Whether a boy bought a civilian hat and wore that instead is of course something we can't know but as you say, the cap in post #1 isn't the regulation item so it shouldn't have been described as such by Collectors Guild or indeed any other seller.

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    Definitely! How about the MHJ? I have a cap with tally in the most pristine condition with white cover. The tally is furled with the cap
    so I think its been on there forever and pin is not RZM marked. Any opinion?

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    Would you like to open a new thread and show that one?

    Edit: new thread on the MHJ cap here:

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