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    Just Testing

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      The 'Unhidden Content - Enjoy The View!' text can be changed and if we go for this hide method I would put something more appropriate in there.

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      just logged out and had a look gar , and it works and it does leave the choice then to the member if he wants his pics shown to non members or not, it also makes non members realise they may be missing out on good content, the only thing that would have to be sorted is that paying members dont use it as a blanket option and only for the rarer or certain items, otherwise we would be back where we started.

      other thoughts ???

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      Very true Stu. It shouldn't be over-used by members but it's a great option to have when you really want to hide certain info. Your example is a good one where you talked about showing a group of badges but then using this hide option for detailed shots.

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