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    Motor-HJ side cap (Sommermütze) and Bann 131 Motor-HJ shoulder straps

    ive posted this cap before, its an unissued pink pipped side cap, unnissued , unfinished item , ive been informed by someone that this cannot be right as all HJ side caps had the liner sewn in before the sweatband, but that i have to disagree with, ive seen a number of side caps with this sweat band under the lining, of interest then please next time have a feel if no band is in site and you will feel it behind the lining, anyway thought id bring that up for discussion amongst our members. cheers pete.

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    I've definitely seen these with the leather sweat band like that but I don't have that much experience with them. Looks like an honest summer cap to me though Pete

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    I believe these caps that have no lining are good. However, they were problibly manufactured later in the war.Problibly Around mid to late1944.

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    The HJ summer-cap for motor-units was no longer allowed to be manufactured since summer 1940.
    This is announced in the "Mitteilungsblatt der RZM", issue 9 from July 13, 1940. P. 74. Old stocks
    were allowed to be sold out until ultimate December 1940.

    With the date September 14, 1940. Page 93 it was announced that instead of the khaki-colored field-cap
    a black version had to be worn, with did not have any piping. The cut for the cap was as for the regular
    field-cap. With the date of February 23, 1943 (Mbl.RZM, nr. 2. Page 7) it was announced that also the black
    cap no longer was allowed to produced. The 1940-order was invalid.

    Since May 1943 no sweat-band was to be sewn in (Mbl.RZM, nr. 4 from May 22, 1943. P. 26) in any type
    summer cap.

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    Hello Wim,
    Would this be a black pattern Motor HJ cap as mentioned, even though it has piping? Or would the cap appear more like the early DJ side cap without piping at all?

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    No, it is not an early DJ cap (the cut tells this, as well as the brown RZM tag).

    I think the manufacturers did not read well the new manufacturing regulations and
    added the pink piping as they were used to do this earlier. The motor patch does not
    belong there. Maybe it was added after the war, or - who knows - during the war by
    a boy who wanted to show off!

    581, which was an A1 concern, was Willy Brand from Viersen (Rheinland). They kept
    their permission untill the end of the war (anyway so far until the area was liberated).

    The later introduced dark field-cap for naval-HJ had a yellow piping, so why would
    manufacturers not have added pink piping!

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    Here is a photo that I am allmost certain shows the black Motor HJ cap in wear ... a mixed HJ group wearing a different assortment of headgear . If you look closely at the sidecaps , you can see that 2 of the sidecaps are very dark shade opposed to the lighter one .

    Also note that the second HJ is wearing the motor speciality patch on his sleeve .
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    Yes, great. Here you see that what the regulation says, not always was followed
    by the manufacturers.
    To be honest I think the majority of the caps in wear will show a piping.

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    The black cotton sommermütze was also discussed in this post :

    Black Hitler Youth summer cap (Sommermütze)

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    Thanks Lauri, indeed. We are getting into the same discussion.
    Must say, I knew I once answered such question, but did not know
    if this was for this forum. It was. You reminded me, thanks!
    In fact I was lazy I could not see past the end of my nose!!

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