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    My second Hitler Youth fire helmet!

    Yep, your right, he does have 2 of these lids, what can i say, years ago before i knew a bit on lids i was sold these by brian mathews of tomahak films, this one is on a lufty lid, ill let you members have a shout about it:001_huh: and then ill have my turn. pete.

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    not for me im sorry pete

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuart View Post
    not for me im sorry pete
    i posted this helm stu as a reminder on how we have to be on our toes when an item, or 2 , are offered to use as genuine items, this early mistake cost me and i belive many others a good amount of cash, i bought 2!!!:mad: with the recent posting of the other fire decal lid it should be noted that these decalled helms have been with us for a number of years, i dont belive ive seen a right one yet!!!!! im left with this re-decalled lid, one that use to be a single decalled luffty, then in my opinion painted black for fire brigade use postwar, and then cleaned removing the black paint revealing the luft decal and then had the HJ decal added trying to make it into something it is not, damb pity. as for the dealer mr mathews of tomahak films, he sold dozens of lids at one time from germany and i wonder how many of them were real ww2 , TR, items?. i did try once to contact him about these two lids as he promised to purchase these back off me at any time due to there rarity. we live and learn, please read and take care. pete.

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    Thanks for showing Pete. There are tens of this type of Helm going all around. Weitze had once one or two, I believe there is one in Ebay Germany.

    I guess there may be just a few of them, the typical "pimp" made by a few kids (It is just a guess), as we have seen in pictures, regularly there are many irregularities in their clothes. Is there anything in any regulation that forbids the use of the HJ decal in helmets?



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    May i also add that brian mathews the dealer who sold me these lids did not bother to return my calls

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