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    Opinions needed ... DJ Leader führerdienstmutze , DJ Leader cap . .

    Opinions needed on this DJ leader service cap .
    I have an opportunity to buy this cap from a well known collector .
    Not cheap , however; if good ... it is a rare factory manfactured DJ führerdienstmutze . Most examples of the wool DJ Leader caps that I have seen have been upgraded with the simple addition of silver corded piping sewn around the top rim of the cap . Also this style cap came in wool and cotton . I have seen 4 cotton summer weight examples and 2 wool examples in my lifetime . The seller stated that this cap is black wool not dark blue .
    The cap eagle is in my opinion is Reichsbann and not original to the cap , but that is ok since I have a few good eagles that I can mate to this cap .

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    Hello Joe,
    I am not a expert on DJ leader caps, but is there a
    -label in the cap ?
    This was the first, which I would looking for.
    Best Regards

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    The cap does indeed have an
    tag Alois. Headgear is not my strongest area, but this cap appears to be good to me. Expensive, but I haven't seen these caps with an
    tag offered very often. I've seen several without a tag in recent years.

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    I think the cap is right as rain, my problem is t he eagle condition is to good for the cap condition and would think it was re applied at a later date

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    Here is a photo of the Rzm tag.
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    I toO believe it to be right but maybe married to it at a later date :-)

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    hi looking god and have the same herzsteller code that i have in mine 1073

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