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    Question about an unknown Hitler Youth HJ sidecap


    i'm new in this forum and i'm so sorry about my bad english ... but i try ...

    i have two HJ caps. the following questions regarding the cap on bottom. the top is an original.
    i'm wondering about this cap 'cause it's different from the cap on top. i quess it is a earlier version.
    maybe you can help me.

    1.) the bottom cap have another shape then the top cap
    2.) the red lines on the side are not sewed.
    3.) the lining is different from the top cap
    4.) the RZM label is missing´. maybe it was removed

    like i said, i quess it is an ealier version and its original also.
    you can see the place where the rhomb with swastika was.

    i'm interested in your opinien whether it's a good one or not.

    thanks for help,

    kind regards, rene.

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    On my opinion the lowest one is a well know fake sold on ebay. The pattern is not okai, the piping looks like wool or something similar, wich woudn't be correct, not even the fabric. For me it is an "ebay" fake.

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    Hello Rene and welcome to the forum. Your English is fine and all efforts to communicate in English here are appreciated. I'm in agreement with Albrecht regarding the lower cap. It appears to be a fake that is commonly seen on Ebay.

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