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    Sommermütze Opinions

    Whats your opinions on this side cap??

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    How is the
    tag attached?
    The wear on the
    tag seems not to fit the rest of the cap.
    Has anyone seen a white tag like this before on a Schiffchen?

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    Not sure how its attatched yet dont have it in hand.

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    Placement of the tag and color seem odd to me, I'm used to seeing the brown tags on these type of caps. I've not seen everything by any means but this is a first for me.

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    Untill I get it in hand pretend the tag is not there. Does the hat its self look good?

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    Hello Shawn,

    to be honest, I have serious doubts about the red piping as it is too coarse and too thick. We see clearly that the
    tag was later added.
    In conclusion, keep your money before it is too late !.

    Best regards

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    I don't like that tag either. It definitely looks like it was added. The rest of the cap seems fine to me but I don't own one so better to wait for more opinions.

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