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    A true RZM HJ Winter cap - how much will it cost?


    it seems a true authentic winter cap is rarely offered.
    I have the chance to buy one, but the seller demands 300 €.
    Is this the usual price nowadays? Will I be able to sell it again for this price if I ever need to ?

    thanks for any advice,


    ha1.jpg ha2.jpg ha3.jpg ha4.jpg

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    300 euro is a good buy in my opinion ...I have seen them in the past when the market was high sell for as much as 800 .

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    Not a bad price, I paid for mine 350.

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    thanks for the advice. Here it is. Even better looking than on the seller's pictures.

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    A great looking cap. Has everything to look for in a correct
    example wintermutze. The price was fair also.

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    Nice and attractive winter cap !

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