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    Is this young man Marine HJ? Photo was taken in 1933. Thanks

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    Yes, the election poster with "Ja!" dates the photo to Feb/March 1933. He could be but isn't necessarily MHJ. Rubbish answer I know but for this early period, the HJ regulations contain relatively little information about the Marine-HJ. It is only in late-1933 that specific information regarding MHJ uniforms, insignia and organisational structure begins to appear and it would be 1938 before the MHJ uniform was fully standardised. Other than the cockade he appears to be dressed in standard HJ garb so it's very difficult to say anything definite about your specific question. As you'll know, a variety of oddities in uniform and insignia can be encountered in early photos of Hitler Youth members but the presence of a cockade may be a tentative indication of early MHJ.

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    Thank you Garry

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    From "Kampf um's Dritte Reich", identified as Hitler-Jugend.
    This guy surely will have been from the predecessor of the naval-HJ
    (as the boys in the background, just visible).

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    Thank you Wilhelm!

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