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    I started recently with collecting HJ mil.I've posted a few pics with new purchases,if something looks odd / fake,please let me know.The buckle is unmarked the belt itself is marked groupon 632
    Thanks for looking,cardon

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    This stuff all looks okay to me. HJ is a fun area to collect and can be relatively cheap or really expensive depending upon what catches your eye or your area of interest.

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    Thank you for the reply,the prices I paid where not so high.The belt was a bit more expensive as well as the HJ sports vest posted earlier.I have a nice kreissieger badge and HJ knife on layaway,these will be arriving in a week or two.When I have these items,I'll post them on the forum.

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    all looks good to me and agree with Darin for the most part as nothing HJ seems cheap now :( the prices of some of the tinnies and membership diamonds are getting of course there are deals out there if you want to put the hours in searching :) all part of the fun i suppose! sieger badges are addictive just ask Stu!!

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