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    Yes, the poles are fully original. I understand that donating to a museum and then having your pride sold, sucks! It ia a honour thing if you give things away. This is why i make my own muesum and are my own boss. it rund under the heimat Museum in mannheim and i can make it the way i want.
    Cheers Dirk

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    VERY NICE some great examples.

    agree with museums not a fan of donating to them as most goes out the back door from my experience


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    With Museums you associate preservation and safety, this with TR seems to frequently be out the window, makes you wonder about everything else displayed.

    great collection! :)

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    Great looking collection! I love the Hockenheim trumpet banner!



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    That is some collection.
    I totally agree about the museum thing. My collection will go to my son and he can do with it as he wants!

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    Well put Lee, my kids know how much I enjoy my stuff and I'm sure they would save everything to give to their kids.

    oh and great collection Dirk

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    Dirk, does this triangle on the BDM mannequin for Nord Nordsee have a brown background? Or is the brown appearance just the contrast in the photo? The brown background triangle is rare. If it is the brown one a closeup picture would be great.
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    good eye Darin that sure does look disinctly brown and have never seen this before. Certainly rates some closups

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    The brown one is early and really rare Paul. I think they have one pictured in Angolias book.

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    do not have that book, but want to know more about these


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