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    Nord Nordsee is also the only one I have personally seen in brown. I don't know if there are others.

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    Yest it is brown!

    you are right the triangle is brown! I wanted to take a picture but the batteries were out. I can do it tonight. she is also wearing a blouse with a very small HJ raute on the left breast pocket. and a HJ sportsshirt. Both doll have that as underwear on! the boy has also a black sports short on, but no leables on it so I do not know if it is an original one.
    Just for me, how much is the brown triangel worth and from when to when was it used?

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    here the pictures

    she waers a blouse half sleve with dj white buttons on and the triangel withwhite letters.
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    Thanks for the photos Dirk. According to Angolia the brown background triangle was discontiuned on 1 January 1935. It is rare so price is really depending upon how much someone wants one. I would price it up with the first pattern Landjahr (black background) or Schule triangles.

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    First : only black triangles existed ! The brown ones are crap.
    Second : sorry for you but the 2 triangles "Nord Nordsee" you show are modern machine embroidered copies.
    Best regards

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    Dirk, If Fernand (Deebertex) doesn't like this triangle, I would trust what he says. He knows triangles well. Angolia shows this one in his book as rare, but his books do contain errors. I would trust what Fernand says about the triangle until I see other evidence.

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    WELL THAT BLOWS out a great possibility Please confirm whether these triangles where unique to the uniforms or have been added later

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    I am back!

    Hi just came back today after a long pause due to things..
    Checking in and see that comment about the triangles. I bought that "doll" as it is. I added nothing to it. I guess the former owner put the triangel on the vest. The vest is 100% original. Sorry for me but you know what: I like it anyways!

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    I also note the brown version in Angolia's book and he states out of issue after 1935. I so not know where he got that info but for now would not remove that triangle as there is some good possibilities it is genuine


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