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    allways nice to see lovely pieces

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    im not sure this pennant was used on a car fender. with those large loops it was probably on a wooden mast to mark a camp group or something ive seen period pics somewhere that shows similar. just my thoughts ..tom

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    no never on a vehicle that was on a pole unit designator or camp flag


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    Loooove that one, for sure.
    Very nice pennet...
    Quote Originally Posted by mike polizzi View Post
    this fender pennant is from my collection ,want to share it with other collector's

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    I've amended the thread title as I think the number 36 could be signifying Gebiet 36 Schwaben. Then again the blue backing behind the number could I suppose be showing us that it has a Flieger-HJ connection and that it's for a Gefolgschaft. I don't know. Hopefully Mike might be able to give a little more background on who may have used it. It's not a design I've seen in any of the books I have. Has anyone else seen it shown somewhere? I'm not casting any doubts on the item of course but it would be good to pin this one down.

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    very very nice pennant

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    So einen Wimpel sieht man nicht alle Tage. Sehr schön.
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