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    My collection, small but growing

    Hi Guys. I am a lurker who has decided to come out of the shadows and show some of my collection. I collect mainly WW2 service medals from all countries but I also have a modest HJ collection plus a few German and Japanese infantry weapons.

    In this pic is a Flak Helper cap plus a Summer cap. There's a few other items on this shelf that are fun, an HJ impressed flute, a ZF39 mauser scope. If anyone is interested I'll take a closer pic of the shelf contents.


    On the next shelf the important item is perhaps the DKE38 Peoples Radio. The British medals are all family medals.


    On the next shelf is an M36 Luftwaffe sidecap as well as an HJ Leaders Cap. Also you will note an S35 Bouncing Betty landmine, a couple of M24 stick grenades, there's a long HJ trumpet in the back as well as a sports singlet.


    Bottom shelf is the usual suspects.


    Next weapons if anyone digs them. An Erfert P08, an Erma MP-40 and a Panzerfaust 60


    To be continued...

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    And finally the last of the weapons

    Here's my BSW MG34


    And my long guns, my Kar 98 Mauser, the MP44 and a chrysanthemum stamped Arisaka


    And then to finish out I have the odd helmet also, and an HJ torso that I am building up.


    Again, if anyone wants to see anything up closer tell me and I'll take pics and repost.

    Cheers, Geof

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    Hello Geof,

    Thanks for showing your items here, and welcome to the HJ forum.

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    Indeed. The dark wood brings a real warmth to the display. Very nice and thanks for showing everything Geof

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    great collection have i seen this on another forum a while back?


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    You are right

    You saw it just the other day on Wehrmacht-Awards. I felt guilty for not posting here after I got the mods email so I thought there may be a delta of people who haven't seen it.

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