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    My first HJ Collection

    This was my first HJ collection I had in the early 80's. It was a little tougher to collect back then. Not many sources like nowdays. You had Manions, Mohawk Arms, gun shows, and other collectors and that was about it. Reference materials consisted of Littlejohns and Bakers books, and Angolias was just rumors at the time. No internet dealers or forums. I sold this stuff off years ago. You can see the HJ Ski führer badge in the lower right, it's now in the collection of a member here, and it still looks amazing. I paid less than 100usd for it at a local shop, Hagens coins and collectibles, after the owner bought it from a walk in.

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    verry nice !


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    I have seen this picture before and never stop looking at it. It is like the rune from Garry... cant stop looking.

    That was a great collection, but you have to admit, gentleman, that you are having now also a great collection too. The boards, the runes, the Norkus collection...



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    Antonio, I'm much more satisified with my current collection. I had some neat items back then and wish I still had them, but these days you get to network with so many more collectors through forums like this and the internet. I dreamed of being able to find items like I can now with just the click of a mouse.
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    I like that HJ wintermutze.

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    Very nice. I especially like the DJ and HJ uniform shirts. I too had an earlier collection (not restricted to HJ) that I sold after college. Like you I am much happier with my current collection. Keep up the good hunting and sharing photos of your fine collection.


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    anyone who has collected for along time has sold things and then years later wished they still had them. but for the most part its easier to find good items now thanks to the internet..but the internet has also caused the prices to go sky high..nice stuff in that pic..tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by joecool View Post
    I like that HJ wintermutze.
    It was textbook Joe.
    tagged and the buckle was
    as well. Took me a long time to find it. I picked it up at the Great Western gun show.

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    Thats a great collection! The sale of the HJ Ski Leaders badge must sting a bit !

    However it seems to be in a good home :)


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    A very impressive collection! I wish I could find the Ski Leader Badge! Jürgen

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