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    my HJ and DJ buckle collection

    Hello gents
    this is my first attempt at posting photos here.. These two pics are about 6 months old so I have a few more added now. If you have any special requests for particular buckles you would like to see, come over to the buckle section and start a new thread requesting to see pics for that particular buckle or type of buckle..
    I started collecting buckles in 2003 ??? and dove in head first.. I got very involved, and with the guidance and advice of Marc Verstraet I sold my initial collection of about 100 buckles in 2005-2006 and started a new collection which completely focused on HJ and DJ buckles..
    I have since purchased a few other collections including Marc's and have assembled what you see here .. as it stands today the collection is around 330 buckles
    thanks for looking :)

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    2nd pic

    2nd pic
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    holy smoke chad 330 buckles thats the most impressive sight i have seen in years great collection and well focused a big well done love those dj buckles and your tagged HJs

    cheers ewan

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    Now i know why i cant find any Dj buckles. Thanks again . hahah

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    outstanding collection chad,

    could we see a couple of the black DJ buckles and your thoughts on them ,

    cheers steve

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    Unbelievable. 330!!!! That is 2 Gefolschaft!!!

    Congratulation for your amazing collection and thanks for showing it to us.



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    its an amazing collection you have put together chad, still need you to start a thread on the blck dj, ill get one one day lol, thats if you havent already got them all

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    [QUOTE=stuart;21822]its an amazing collection

    I'll second that, any favourites, any you aint yet found?

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    thanks for all the kind words!

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    my favorites would have to be the black DJ buckles!
    I just posted a few in the buckle section if you want to take a look... and as for buckles I dont have..
    I have a short list of about 10 that I am looking for..
    alot of the buckles on my wanted list are beyond rare though :) one known type stuff :)

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