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    Absolutely wonderful, Chad!

    Quote Originally Posted by Chad Williams View Post
    I also have a repro box which I will post in the repro section

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    amazing some very nice variations some rare pieces no doubt your expertise will be called on by the members.
    thanks for posting all the pics


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    Just found this thread!:drool:

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    this is the first time i have seen black dj buckle with silver rune are any of these rzm marked.. or were these painted by there owners. thanks tom

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    these were factory produced, and to the best of my knowledge , there are no RZM marked black DJ of either variety as they were produced prior to RZM marking control. I will go through mine tomorrow to verify that none of mine are marked..
    did you know that there is also a non black DJ which has a silver box and silver rune as well...
    seldom seen, but i think i have 2 in my collection..

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    thanks for the info. i've been collection about 20 yrs and cant recall ever handling the black or silver one. ill be on the lookout now. thanks

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    Excellent collection Chad. The best I've seen.

    I've started to concentrate on buckles and thought i was starting to get a half decent collection (although mine are general Third Reich. i only recently got started on HJ & DJ) but after seeing your pics i'm going to have to think again

    Alternatively i could try and find your address and send the Brinks Mat boys round
    Seriously though,well done. it gives me something to aim for and know when mine really IS half decent.
    B.t.w, Could you tell me where you get your Buckle boxes from please mate?.

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    It's like in a shop!

    Great HJ buckle collection!

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