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    My small Hitler Youth collection by now

    Let me show you my small collection by now. Just started to collect HJ / youth items, trying to focus on items from Austria. If you have triangles from Austria or shoulder straps 503, 507 or 510 left, I would be interested in. Thank you!

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    Thanks for posting your collection Michael. Looks great from here. When you have time you could post some of the individual items so that we can get up close and have a good look :)

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    Well, I would not say "small" collection. For sure it is a lovely one. Also it is a quality one too, let's not forget that.

    Congratulations and keep up the good work.

    Best Regards


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    Guys, thank you very much for your words. As I said, this is just the beginning. If you wish to see one item more detailed, please let me know and I will take some more pictures of it.

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    Here is a short update on what the collection looks right now. Ive managed to put everything in a display which seems to get smaller and smaller by the time. :-)

    And here is also a picture of the latest arrivals from yesterday.
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    Very nice display on the first picture

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    Looking good. Alois collects Austrian related HJ items here also.What is the large round silver item with the membership diamond in the center?

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    Yes, I am in contact with Alois on a regular basis and also already have purchased some items from him. The large round item maybe was mounted in a HJ home or has been made by a sympathizer. It is a wooden plate with silver colour, the diamond is printed and glued on.

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    Hi Michael ,
    it grew quick in only 6 months!!

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    Yes and my wife is not so happy about it. Im really thinking of selling the remaining pieces of my Wehrmacht / Marine award to get some more HJ related items.

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