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    Quote Originally Posted by Hansi View Post
    Thanks Ewan... yes, the two BDM girls I bought from Rolf at the militärfotoshop... I did post them on the forum last week when they first arrived, maybe you saw them then? Cheers, Hansi
    Nice guy Rolf. I was a few times in his apartment in Dusseldorf. Sometimes he has too really good offers, well worth to have a look when he does an update.

    I got really good tinnies with him.



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    Thanks Antonio... yes, he seems like a really nice person. We've been writing to each other quite a lot... that's great that you know him personally, next time you see him please say Hi from me... !

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    its a nice collection iam new to this as well so we all have to start somewere.

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    You have 17 more items than me.

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    Hi Heinrich.. in a way it's nice to just pick up an item here and there, to take it slowly, and watch your little collection slowly grow... it's more satisfying I think. It's very tempting to visit the many sites and buy a whole lot of things in one go... but that seems too easy, if you know what I mean. You say that I have 17 items more than you.. I think that there are 18 items in my collection, so what 1 item do you have... and what area of HJ, BDM, etc. are you going to focus on... ? Cheers, Hansi

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    Excellent collection and totally agree with you Hansi.
    Although i only pick up an item now and then due to money (or lack of!).
    i still think it`s more rewarding not to rush but to see your collection grow slowly,that way you get to study each piece that you buy,enough so that you could pick it out of a line-up :)
    i`m similar to you in that i`ve just recently decided to change my Third Reich collecting direction and concentrate more on HJ,DJ & BDM so i`m a little jealous mate :drool: .Well done.
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    Ah yes... money, or the lack of it as you say... but it would be too easy if we had enough money to just buy anything. That old saying about money not making you happy... well, no doubt you would be happy for a while, rushing around and buying everything in sight but, I can see that you would soon get bored with that... so in way we're fortunate that each tiny piece that we collect has a real value for us... value as in it's been hard earned, chosen with care, and valued for what it is... as for my little collection, I didn't realize until I laid it all out to take a photo just how quickly it had grown... it was such fun collecting each piece. So, hopefully, a little at a time my friend, your collection will soon grow.. that's for sure, and without you even realizing it. I look forward to seeing some photos of each piece... cheers, Hansi

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    Well done and said Hansi.

    Heinrich and Werwolf, nothing to worry about, step by step you will be getting more and more and more...

    Because this is a drug, and the more that you get, the more thay you would like to get.

    I have also a really low badget, but there is no hurry from my side, and maybe because that, I enjoy big time my Tinnies.

    I wish you all best of luck and great hunt!!!



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    Thanks Antonio

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    A lovely collection Hansi with a nice BDM focus


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