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    Reiter-HJ set, Early Flieger-HJ set, Bann 70 set


    I have finally managed to complete several sets :
    - the set of an early Flieger-HJ,
    - the set of a Reiter-HJ,
    - the set ot the Bann 70, the city of Saarbrücken

    Best Regards


    DSC02366.JPG DSC02354.jpg DSC02359.JPG

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    Wonderful Eric! These sets are fantastic and a great addition to a premier collection. You have a real eye for the nicest HJ cloth insignia.

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    Hello Darin,

    Yes indeed, it is my speciality for several years. I did not think to get so many things and especially to invest so much money in the collection.
    I made a choice and I do not regret it.
    Best Regards

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    Very impressive Eric , did the early flieger cyphers come on those straps ?

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    Hello Joe,

    yes indeed in the first period, when the Flieger-HJ were under the control of the SA but it was not a generality. You noticed that the color of the Piping of the shoulder straps is grey blue and not light blue.....

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    The assignment to the SA was cancelled March 1932. Shoulder-straps as shown
    did not exist yet, nor were worn yet.

    The shown shoulder-straps are having the Oberbann-color, just like that. The color
    blue did not have to do with Flieger-HJ. So anyone can have pinned on the symbol
    at any time-frame: 1933 or post-war. The form of shoulder-straps with this type
    of indication came into being after the mayor HJ re-organization from mid-1933.

    The diamond type insignia with wing was announced officially with an order from
    September 18, 1933 in the Verordnungsblatt der Reichsjugendführung (Hitler-Jugend).

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    Hello Wim,

    Is the set of the Flieger-HJ homogeneous?
    Best Regards

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    Here is the text for the wearing of the diamond badge with wing,
    as published in the Verordnungsblatt der Reichsjugendführung
    from January 17, 1934.


    1 says: the leader for the department and his adjutant, as well as active pilots,
    serving for this department;
    2 says: the leaders of the course at district-level and the main course, which
    earlier was the Reichsfliegervorschule at Nürnberg;
    3 says: all that succeed with the course (Prüfung) at the school at Nürnberg.

    I doubt that many can have worn the diamond. Anyway not just any member
    from the Flieger-HJ that did not visit the courses at Nürnberg. Not anyway those
    that visited the DLV courses for Jungflieger. But as so often the one or the other
    will have worn it not authorized, in spite of the orders.

    Widukind: you should read the text from my HJ-book to know if the set for
    Reiter-HJ is legal!

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    Hi Wim,
    As regards the Flieger-HJ set, I think you're right. I have found the comment from the seller who sold me these shoulder straps.
    explication des pattes d'épaule.jpg

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