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    Maybe I will show a few more glass-plates with buckles from 1981. From later years
    I do not have any photographs anymore. But as often mentioned in about 1984/1985
    I stopped collecting Third Reich items.

    In November 2000 I started collecting RAD traditions cap-badges. So, in some ways I
    was back to items from the Third Reich. I found in total about 65 during the period I
    collected them. Most of these will be shown in volume 5 for "Headgear of Hitler's Germany",
    in the RAD chapter. The book will be released in about late spring this year.
    They were nicely shown in my glass show-case. I have some total view photographs, which
    I can show later. From a specific period I have photographs where about 55 are visible,
    including photographs of wearing the badges.

    All badges were sold during 2007/2008, when I started collecting Japanese female kimono.
    The "stock" of that collection I could buy, due to the money from these badges!!
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    Thank you for showing photos of what once was Wim. Always great to see what friends have had custody of at one time or another.

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    of insanity ............... Wim is your former great collection ..... the pieces HJ Particularly, I like ..... we will have something to talk about when we meet the photo on the ..... you is wearing the air Force uniform 2 years prior to my birth ..

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    Think what I could have had when I had decided not to quite HJ-collecting and collecting
    in general, but would totally have gone into HJ. In over 30 years I would have had quite a
    HJ collection with the possibilities and sources I had. But that is when.........and I did not!!

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    img390.jpg img391.jpg img392.jpg

    this is the way I showed my material. When I stopped collecting all open spaces for the glass-plates were
    filled up with buckles. The shown photographs were taken March 15, 1981.

    img393.jpg img394.jpg

    This is how I displayed my RAD traditions cap badges. The photographs are taken in about June 2004.
    A few more are to come and then I have shown what I liked to show.

    Now I am into Japanese female kimono and Asian chopsticks. Quite different subjects. I have told this
    about various times. Due to space-limits, especially for kimono, I have to back off, as I have no room in
    the house anymore to display these large dresses.
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    the rest of the displays for the RAD traditions cap badges. Note photographs of wearing and
    here and there parts from regulations are included:

    img395.jpg img396.jpg img397.jpg

    img398.jpg img399.jpg

    Various of the shown photographs in this thread I may have shown also at some other forums!!

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    Very nice Collection Wim!


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    thanks you all take the time to have a look. It was not a big collection, but
    what I owned I was glad to have and proud to show. And so I did my best
    to display it as best as I was able!

    In the thread "Other Collections" I have a post as "No Third Reich". There one
    can see what I am collecting these days!
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    Wonderfull collection, Wim! I like your pics a lot!

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