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    Afrikaner Hitler Youth knife?

    I have been offered a South African HJ knife.Usual form (unlike the Dutch Jeugdstorm,probably German production) but it has an Afrikaner inscription on the blade.Does anyone know of the existence of these knives?
    I have already seen the Spanish HJ-knives with the "Arriba Espana" inscription,but I think they are questionable.
    Thanks for looking at this.

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    As an "Afrikaner" myself, i cant say i have ever heard of this item before? Can you show images---

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    Cannot show images.It is not in my possession.I;ve been promised a 50 % reduction if I can find another foto of such a knife.I had it in my hands and altough I'm not as great an expert as I wished I was,It looked en felt very convincing.A pity I don't remember the inscription,but next month I'm going to pick up my Kriegsmarine dagger there and I'll check again.This man is not a professional dealer,but has great knowledge ww2.
    I'll keep you posted.
    Greetings from Flanders.

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    I have never heard of, nor seen a so-called HJ "afrikaner" knife, lett alone heard of a Spanish knife with an
    "Arriba Espana" inscription?
    Common get serious. Why didn't they put a bull fighter on the blade as they were busy.....?
    I've also seen the "Jeugdstorm" Dutch knife and seen the so-called Slovakian and Bulgarian HJ knives.

    And for this "afrikaner" knife you were promised a 50% reduction on the prize, for such a supposed to be RARE knife, boy you must be a good customer or friend????
    I would be most suspicious.

    Hey, I've made at the start of my collecting days also mistakes, who doesn't?
    (I've bought at the beginning of my collecting days a so-called BDM knife from a world known collector/dealer and writer of books)

    I'm not so keen on spending my money on those foreign knives.
    I'll stay with the easy to establish real deal, german high quality fabricated products.
    (Deutsche Gründlichkeit)


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    Tell you what, if the motto says "VOETSEK" i`ll buy if from you - at any price!

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    Great advertisement Jo. You know how to explain things, haha!
    Is this from the "Afrikaner Mitteilungsblatt-handbook der AWB"?

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    Thx for showing.
    never seen before. Learned something new.
    Once again this forum has proven his usefullness.
    nevertheless I ll stay with my transitionals.


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    Terre'Blanche would be doing somersaults in his grave if he knew there was doubt....


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    Nicely done.
    thx for sharing.

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    Have seen the knife.Surely not South-African.It has a nicely engraved motto: "Gelobt sei was hart macht" and on the other side "Juist".I found in the Warrelics-forum,that Juist is an Island before the coast of Germany.They didn't agree Yet whether it could be genuine or not.Can you guys tell me more?
    Thank you all for your trouble and truly sorry for the misinformation I was given and passed on to you.
    Greetings from Flanders,petervkh

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