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    No worries will look later, and being an ex-South African, i was only having a bit of fun with the pics of the AWB and Eugen the terrible. Of course there was never any special HJ Südafrikaner knife.

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    I got the foto's.What do you think?
    Thank you.
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    Look pretty honest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    Look pretty honest
    with repaired enamel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HJ-collector View Post
    with repaired enamel?
    Mate, thats just my common sense sensors working overtime. The same as nobody would judge a Knights Cross based on the ring attached to it, i would also not consider the HJ membership diamond or scabbard into any "evaluation" of an HJ knife. The diamonds were definitely - without exception - not made by the blade maker, and the scabbard most likely too, so it`s best to omit the easily replaceable parts for the initial evaluation. I know what all the big wigs think and say in their U-Toob videos on HJ knives, but they all sadly have their heads in the clouds though. (or up each others )

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    Yes, as you say Peter, nothing on the knife suggests that it came from South Africa. The motto "Gelobt sei was hart macht" is from Friedrich Nietzsche and dates to 1883-5 but of course HJ collectors would normally recognise it as having something to do with the HJ, particularly the
    system. However, there was never an
    on the island of Juist of course and we know that the knives carried by
    pupils were of a different design (
    Seitengewehr) and with a different motto ("Mehr sein als scheinen"). So, the engraving on the HJ knife here, if from the period, is secondary to the question of whether it is actually an authentic knife. I'd be interested to hear from Russ and Mac on that.

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    I am very curious,whether any of the experts can draw any conclusions about the originality by comparing the 2 knives. It is mine now.I'll make better pictures this week-end if needed.
    Greetings from Flanders.

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    looking at the badly pitted blade the engraving is in no way effected by it so it is totally bogus from what I see enhanced for bigger bucks on a beater knife imo

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    On Warrelics 2 other knives have surfaced.Both are from the same maker.Does this change your point of view?
    Thanks for looking.

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    Hi Peter,

    The knives themselves all look fine. The engraving is still a mystery though of course. We know where the phrase on the blade comes from, who it can possibly be connected to in the HJ and we know that Juist is off the German coast but that's about it really. Hopefully more information will turn up on these knives.

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