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    BDM in Frankreich ?


    Was there any schools, camps or houses of Bund Deutscher Mädel in France ?

    I saw some photos with girls of the BDM in Paris, but i don't know what they do here. Journeys? Work?

    thanks for your help.



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    i am not sure about HJ/BDM schools in france fred but i know there were HJ/BDM schools in belgium for the flemish HJ/BDM,i will look into it today it will be interesting to find out more on this topic,i think they would have had HJ/BDM schools in occupied france,.but im sure someone here will definetly know.


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    Thanks wingman,

    i already readed something about the flemish HJ/BDM. It's one more reason for me to believe that if there was some belgium HJ/BDM school, why not in france ?

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    i cant find anything on the HJ/BDM in france like schools & units etc like in belgium & netherlands,but to my knowledge & what i think is that as for the flemish HJ/BDM & also flemish
    were mostly recruited from flemish nordic walloons for wallonien & langmark/algemeene
    vlaanderen divisions & as for HJ/BDM in france i guess they just did the same & integrated nordic HJ/BDM from occupied countries (france) into the HJ/BDM in germany & belgium/netherlands.,i do find stuff on the HJ in france but its only in battle e.g 12th
    panzer division Hitler-jugend falaise/Caen D-day etc,anyway thats my theory.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    I saw some photos with girls of the BDM in Paris, but i don't know what they do here. Journeys? Work?

    Hallo.BDM came in France in some occasions during wartime,For example,this ticket for a show in Theatre de l'Empire (This ticket is not mine,I just stole the image on ebay few monthes ago)Die Spielschar des BDM Köln-Aachen came in Paris supporting german troops by singing,dancing and playing music


    In peacetime,there were probably exchange between french and german girls of youth organizations

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    I think the BDM went into FRANCE to help look after the troops ie handing out coffee doing entertaining etc

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    Hello all,

    thank you for these indications of possible jobs of these girls. But I was able to read on some website lists of camps for the HJ, there is no such thing for the BDM in Europe ? Nothing which allows to list the installations ? (as for the fighting units).

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    Hum,according to Littlejohn's book


    No trips,no camps in France! Like Paul have said before,if they came in France that was just for entertaining the german troops

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    yA i KNOW i HAVE SEEN MANY CAPTIONED PHOTOS OF bdm GIRLS DOING WAR WORK IN THE OCCUPIED COUNTRIES, and I think there may be some posted here in the galleries

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