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    Gebiet China Shanghai

    Problibly one of the rarest photo albums conserning the Hitlerjugend listed on Ebay ended today .
    Most of the photos were the day to day family photos and scenery shots , however ; a few were really nice , including a documented photo of the " CHINA "Bannfahn .
    I have copied these photos during the auction and have saved them for for this forum as research /historical material only. I would hope that a member of our forum won the 3 seperate photo albums . If so please come forward and post better scans when you recieve the albums .

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    More photos , if you enlarge some of the photos , you can see a few of these HJ/BDM members are part asain .
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    More photos , a couple that show documents .
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    HJ Gebietsdreieck " China Schanghai " listed on Wietze for 1,750 euro .
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    It would be interesting to see if any of the photos show the triangle worn in detail. I've always been suspicious of that one at Weitze, it's been there for a long time. Thanks for showing the photos Joe, very unique. What did the albums fetch in terms of price?

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    211,00EUR ... 107,00EUR and 88,00EUR . Each album had 11 to 15 bids each . I am not comfortable with Weitzes triangle either . I wonder what these albums would have gone for if the had original insignia in them .

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    I count 144 HJ and BDM , This number might generate a Gefolgschaft not a Bann . I believe that considering the small number of German businessmen and a few Embassy personal that brought their families with them to China during the 1920s to 30s ... some of them may have married Chinese women , seeing that a few of these children look asian to me . I believe that there might not have been a Gefolgschaft and maybe only a Bannfahn was issued for political/propaganda purposes for the international media during the time period .
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    Asian looking HJ
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    Thanks for showing, very interesting indeed.


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    Yes, I would love to know who got it. Atually the prices were quite alright. The few large format photos would fetch a good price on ebay individually. I offered the seller a good price for all three parts and expressedmy willingness to keep all three parts together. However, the seller never replied.

    I would not be surprised if the album will be taken apart and we will see some of the very interesting photos on websites of well known dealers ...



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