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    Greek National Youth Organization

    Greek "Blueshirts"

    A Greek youth organisation 1936 to 1941 was named Ethniki Organosis Neolaeas -
    which means National Youth Organisation.

    When you search information about the organisation, it is claimed that it was not a fascist organisation. The banner was was a blue-white crossbanner with a double axe. A symbol that, in my opinion, very much looks like the fascist symbol, the fasces, a bundle of rods that were tied around an axe.

    The government set up by the Germans after they occupied Greece in 1941, dissolved the

    The uniform was blue.
    Boys: Short trousers or ski-like trousers, white ties, sidecap.
    Girls: Blue blouse, white shirt, white scarf, sidecap.

    1. Leader of
    , Statesecretary Allexandro Kanello Poulas.

    2. Propaganda poster.

    Note the fascist greeting on photo 4.

    Photos from Stormfanen, September 1941.

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    Good info Henrik. Thanks for posting it.

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    FIRST I have heard of a GREEK connection. With the anti fascist
    sentiments there and strong communist leanings it would IMO be almost impossible to parade around in an HJ uniform

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    133 copies of the E.O.N. magazine from the "Ioannis Metaxas" official family site:

    - - Ioannis Metaxas

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