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    NSU knives

    A Danish collector informed me, that NSU used the HJ-type knife with or without HJ emblem.

    Translated from a Danish Forum:
    "I have a dagger 100% identical to a HJ dagger, but no number or anything, except a company brand "Armefo" - it has a Danish NSU symbol painted on the metal sheath."

    See this thread Danish Hitler Youth knife?

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    Early NSU photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    This was very interesting, thank you very much for posting!
    Was the NSU the only tolerated Danish youth movement during the war?
    And was the DNSAP the only national-socialist orientated party in Denmark?
    Not sure if they had a youth movement, but there was the NSDAP-N in the Schleswig region of Denmark...

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    NSDAP-N - National-Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei - Nordschleswig, was the Nazi party of the German minority in South Jutland (Nordschleswig), north to the Danish-German border. This part of Denmark was German from 1864 to 1920.

    NSDAP-N had their own youth movement. Deutsche Jungenschaft Nordschleswig for the boys and Deutsche Mädschenschaft Nordschleswig for the girls.

    The organisation and uniforms were very much like HJ and BDM.

    Also see this thread DJN - Deutsche Jugend Nordschleswig


    Deutsche Jungenschaft Nordschleswig
    Liederheft 1

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    Field Sports Course in Kärnten or Thüringen

    Danish language booklet:

    Til Feltsports-Kursus i Kärnten eller Thüringen
    Ogsaa danske Drenge kan deltage

    On Field Sports Course in Kärnten or Thüringen
    Also Danish Boys can


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    Movie clip: NSU summer camp 1939

    Recordings from the first national camp organized by NSU (National-Socialist Youth) at Knuthenborg on Lolland in August 1939. Landsungdomsfører (National Youth Leader C. F. von Schalburg) (civil) seen inspecting tents etc. The young people are camping on the coast and entertain themselves with fighting games, cooking in the open air, etc. In some of the clips they appear in uniform, using the Heil salute and with banners/flags. The film begins and ends with the iconic image of NSU boys at a burial mound and the text "Beredt for Danmark" - Preparing for Denmark.

    Film: Optagelser fra NSU-sommerlejr 1939 - Nationalmuseets Samlinger Online


    (From the Danish National Museum)

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