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Thread: 3 HJ armband

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    3 HJ armband

    hello all
    i can have this to a friend in belgium ( very little price)
    can you give your opinion for this 3

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    the 2nd armband
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    the 3rd armband
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    All fakes in my opinion.

    The first one seems to have the same material used for the swastika as the ss and pol armbands. This is atypical and the construction is generally very sloppy.

    Second: that maker is also found on known fake flags and pennants and in any case, the armband would not have been stamped in this way as it was against regulations.

    Third: ditto, construction atypical. Armband is trying too hard to convince a prospective buyer that it is printed because it is late-war. Doesn't convince me...

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    Agree with Garry here. I think the first is the only one with even a remote chance of being some variant or handmade, but it's doubtful. Good examples HJ armbands are plentiful and reasonably priced I'd stick with one of them.

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    honestly, i'd steer away from all the three armbands.

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