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    No Problem, Garry only to pleased to share these images with everyone. Here's a few more

    img905.jpg Copy of img541.jpg img157.jpg Copy of img548.jpg 550.jpg

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    Very interesting pictures!
    Thank you for sharing.

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    For some reason or another , it took a month for the photo album to get to me from Germany , The album contains 3 different March armbands for 1938 , 1939 and 1941 . They are all of printed patterns . Unfortunatly The original owner used sticky tape to cover the lettering and to stick the armbands to the album . I have managed to remove the tape with minimal damage . Also there are aprox 10 pages that are missing from this album as they were torn out . Most of the photos in the album are scenic views of what the boys saw while on the marches . One photo shows the HJ boy wearing one of the March armbands for the March of 1938 . Regardless of the misshaps , I am totally thrilled with what this album contains . I will be out for the next 5 hours , but apon my return , I will post photos of the album .

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    Looking forward to seeing the pictures Joe

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    great pick up also some great detective work with outstanding results everyone will be looking out for one of these now

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    Here you go , starting with the first armband from 1938 .
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    The second armband from the March of 1939 .
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    Nice pics Joe, look forward to seeing the others

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    ...and the third March armband from 1941 , unfortunatley the photoalbum had aprox 10 pages torn out of it and this armband was affixed to the back cover . I asume that there might have been a drawing and explanation about the event that merited the wearing of this armband . But I will take it as is ... in the cut down condition .

    I have never seen in my 37 years of collecting , March event armbands before , I am sure they are very scarce . Unless I can be proven wrong .. I will say that the Bohmen Mahren armband might be the sole surviving example ( I hope I will be proven wrong) It is really cool that another member from this forum had photos showing its documented existence .

    I hope everyone has enjoyed this thread , it was a real pleasure sharing with you all . There are more photos , but the rest are all scenec views .
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