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    No probs Charles. It would certainly appear to be the case that there was an SA-Standarte 89 in Vienna in 1934 but as Wim and those references say, that number was also used prior to and after that in Mecklenburg. The tab on the photo certainly does look like "89".
    I checked again my wartime 1942 list from the SA High Command. There were a number of Standarte located at Vienna, but no number 89 (just 81 and 84 and other numbers).
    Znaim, which is mentioned in one or another post, had number 99.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kylesbullets View Post
    .... It is a BeVo construction.....
    That is the name of a manufacturer, not a construction type.

    Further info.... Aha! BEVO

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    Many concerns used this procedure, known as Bandstuhlwebverfahren.
    Not only Vorsteher!

    I once explained things ar the War Relics Forum at the thread: Bevo its misunderstood meaning.
    I showed there some advertisements and such!

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    Yes, where the name BEVO is seen on these, sometimes it (bevo) is also embroidered, it means it comes from Vorsteher, that was their name. The abbreviation BeVo does not come from the word Bandstuhlwebverfahren.
    The "technique" - this particular method of weaving, was of course used by many makers... but as you say, misunderstood for a long time as meaning this particular "technique".. but it is not.

    Maybe it is because some of their "weaving's" are marked BEVO that collectors just assumed that this refers to the technique?

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    Then again, the more i think about it, taking into consideration people like Shea and Wittmann who invent their own meanings for German words. ( example ) BEVO could also mean:
    Bloody Exciting Vaginal Opening. Why not? If it has worked for the American Experts, then why not for all. Let`s stay fair.

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